Relaxing sounds of nature and forests

I had the unfortunate experience of recently losing one of my best friends (my dog Sandy), and we thought that it was only right that we spread her ashes in a place that she would have been happy in. This was a forested area with plenty of wildlife, trees, and space to run around.

Afterwards we took our time and embraced the sounds that the forest was providing, because it was so full of life. This gave me an idea, and I decided to run with it for a little bit. I recorded the sound and then pulled it apart later on with the use of Audacity. In doing so, I was then able to place the sound of nature over the top of an image and create a video for YouTube that allows the audience to listen to the relaxing sounds of nature within the forest at springtime.

I’ve found this to be very relaxing and a great back ground sound to work to, others may just need the background noise in there house, possibly the chance to meditate, or it may even help some people to sleep. Have a listen/watch below.

I am sure to make more of these, as soon as I get the opportunity.