Swing Trade: $AXAHY

After the completion of $AIG, I started to hunt around and see what was happening, and wow the market is a complete mess right now. Never the less I found something I think could be quite a healthy purchase to try and swing.

AXA insurance have a ticker that goes by $AXAHY within the american market place. The bit that really got me interested was the 7% dividend they have on offer, that just seemed extreme, but when looking into it, it is normally around 4-5%.

Anyway 92,000 employees, so quite substantial in a market/industry I dont really see dropping off any time soon, but it has recently experienced a greater than 10% drop. I believe this was due to the issuing of the dividend and the wider market performance.

The result of that 10% drop, was the RSI dipping down into the low 20’s and the MACD continuing to decline. I feel confident that $AXAHY wont drop much further, but I could be wrong. I therefore purchased at the following points.

Stock price: 23.46
Purchase date: 2022.05.09
Target Gain: 10% or greater
Target Price: 25.9 or greater
Target Date Range: 2-3 months
Ticker: $AXAHY

Note: Please keep in mind I have no financial training and I really dont have a clue as to what I’m doing. Everything here is just me gambling, if you wish to copy then it is of your own choice and free will. I will not accept responsibility for your actions. Above is simply my personal opinion, your decision to agree or disagree is “your opinion”.

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