InfoSec Europe 2022 + Covid

The last couple of weeks has=ve been an adventure to say the least. I was fortunate enough to attending InfoSec Europe 2022, but unfortunate enough to end up with Covid. Whether I caught Covid at InfoSec Europe is unknown, but what I will say is that social distancing was non-existent, and PPE didnt get handed out or requested by anyone.

With that being said, there was some interesting finds this year, for example I’ve always loved Lansweeper because of its ability to inventory assets but a company called “threat aware” popped up and offered to do the same, but with more emphasis on security. This made me question if what I really wanted was just an asset management software or something more. I think the answer depends on more variables such as budget, scale of business and your job role, but the software is definitely worth checking out.

I was also very impressed by some of the API specific companies that appeared at the event, because I’ve always been curious about how we continuously protect APIs. Lets face it, we use them everywhere on a daily basis. One company that came to my attention was Salt Security which if I understand correctly reads all the API traffic to identify threats that are occurring. From this you can develop mitigation/resolutions to protect further. It was an interesting company and approach. Almost like an IDS just for APIs.

Aside from the above, I also got a whole range of “swag”, which includes your typical hats, tshirts, socks, notepads, pens etc. Which is cool, but you kind of feel bad taking stuff at the end of the day because it just promotes that whole creating things for no real world purpose. After all what am I really going to do with a marketing t-shirt? Perhaps some DIY?

InfoSec Europe 2022
InfoSec Europe 2022

At the lansweeper stand, I also won a FingBox, which I’ll set up when I am feeling better. I will also blog about it, so people can see what it does and why they’re good.

There were also some very interesting talks that occurred at the event. Two of them stood out more than others in my opinion and really caught my attention:

  • From Zero to Full Domain Admin: the real World story of a ransomware attack.
  • Geopolitics of Cyber Insecurity

Both provided unique insights into different dimensions of the cyber security world, which were both thought provoking and possibly new perspectives. The latter also including up to date references relating to the Ukraine and Russia war.