How to find a Raspberry Pi

Good evening everyone. If you have found yourself here, it may be because you’ve been on a long and tedious hunt to find a new Raspberry Pi, and I feel your pain. The hunt is long and fraught with disappointing “out of stock” signs, and it doesnt even matter if you try to be a lower model, like a raspberry pi 2 or 3.

Now I found a lovely website that a kind person has created called “RPI Locator“, and it’s a brilliant little website that tracks stock for Raspberry Pis all over the internet, but if you’re like me you’re probably still getting there too late.

So how the heck do you find one to buy? Well the trick I have used (I have an RPI4 4gb on delivery route as we speak), was to review the websites listed on RPI locator, but specifically the ones that listed as “Update Status” of “X” which I’m assuming means the website has failed to check the stock.

Raspberry Pi Stock
Raspberry Pi Stock

Doing this trick resulted in me buying from OKDO, but sadly this is now out of stock as well. Therefore if you find a raspberry pi in stock anywhere BUY IT immediately, because when you go back it will be out of stock.

For absolute clarity, to prevent people thinking I’m an ass buying for no reason other than I can. I am trying to replace my Raspberry Pi 2B, which I’ve had running for the last 8 years. Sadly the USBs died on it a while back and I had to rewire the board to get them working again, which I can live with, but also I believe Plex must have been doing some updating recently because a lot of my media is now running into errors that relate to not enough resource. I can’t blame Plex for this, infact I’m amazed Plex even run on my Raspberry Pi 2B to begin with when I installed in 2 years ago.