Ukraine/Russia Stock Market Impact

I’ve been watching the conflict between the USA, Ukraine, Europe and Russia closely over the last few weeks, and I’ll be honest. There are likely multiple parties causing the issue not a single one, now unfortunately I fear that the citizens of Ukraine will be dumped into the middle of this without an escape route. It’s not so easy to pack up your life and move to another country, what about your job, money, friends, family, even the rights to be in other countries, it’s difficult. I therefore hope everyone in Ukraine somehow remains safe and that civilians do not get hurt.

Now as a result of what is going on, I have over the last few days pulled a few shares off the table. I have sold the following in the belief that they will drop and i can buy back in at a lower value and therefore take my gains now, before they disappear.

$CCL – sold @ 1450
$IAG – sold @ 160.02
$RCL – sold @ 82.18
$DIS – sold @ 147.99 – Stop loss kicked in.

I also have sell limits on the following, encase they start dropping

$BP – limit @ 360.00
$LLOY – limit @ 48.00
$RR – limit @ 110.00
$VHYL – limit @ 46.50

As you can see the sold ones are tourism and the limits are on a mix of things. Hopefully I am wrong on what will happen, but I want be careful. I think there’s definitely something bad going on between the countries and it’s possible that it’s off the back of the stress that has been caused by Covid over the last 2 years. Never the less, these are the stocks I’ve pulled recently and have limits on.

I also recognise that “time in the market, is always better than timing the market” but this one actually scares me. Russia is the biggest country in the world, friends with the biggest population in the world (China) and the USA has not been kind on either of them recently.

As of today Russia has already stepped onto Ukrainian soil, under the term of “Peace keeping” in the Donetsk and Luhansk areas of Ukraine, which also leads me to believe it will get worse before it gets better. The Russian market if I understand correctly has dropped by 15-20% in the last couple of days, and the civil uprest in Ukraine from back in 2013-2014 sent the ukrainian hryvnia dropping which has never recovered (from 0.08 -1GBP in 2013 to 0.03 -1GBP in 2014).

I am not sure how to do this, but I am at present tempted to short the Ukrainian hryvnia.

As always read the above with your own financial freedom, this is not financial advice and it is the ramblings of a none financially educated person. You are responsible for your own decisions and I write this blog as a journal for my own personal keeping.