Swing Trade Update: $DIS, $FEVR, $ALO, $D7G

I have quite a few outstanding swings at the moment, but my John Menzies $MNZS swing came to a completion this week, which got me browsing what is on offer. As a result I have made a few moves which I thought worth documenting within a single blog post, rather than many posts for each individual trade.

$DIS update
I posted about Disney a few weeks back and it’s been good to watch the increment in stock price over this time, and then it hit a nice bump due to earnings being better than anticipated. At present I have made 10% from this, but as it sits at 10%, I’ve set a stop loss, so I sell at 146 (7%), this enables me to risk 3% of my gain for the opportunity to allow Disney to climb higher. Therefore I’ve locked in 7% but could make a lot more if it continues to grow over the next few weeks.

$NAT update
I originally planned on swinging NAT a while back, and I mean a while back, but it want on this spiralling down turn which hasn’t hit the breaks yet. I broke one of the golden rules of swing trading with this, because I didn’t set a stop loss and I averaged down three times. Now I am holding this long term, and currently 30% down (Huge loss here), but I am starting to see rumours that the tanker market may start to see a return at the back end of 2022 start of 2023. I do think this will return, but I didnt plan on holding it for what will likely be 2 years.

$FEVR buy
I like Fevertree $FEVR, which is on the LSE, probably because I used it once before for a swing trade, but there’s also something about drinks. People love to drink, even I do, and that’s their speciality. Anyway, it’s low at the moment (as of writing 2107.2) and it’s RSI is also very low, it keeps bouncing off that 30 marker, but another interesting tad bit is that the MACD 12,26 looks like it’s about to cross over. Hopefully this leads into an upward trend.

The position I took was 6 shares at 2195.5 and my aim would be to step out at around 2400, but I will see how this one goes. Hopefully a 2 month turn around.

$ALO average down
Alstom, one of the biggest train builders in the world, a huge company and for the last 6 months it’s been dropping like crazy, it is now almost half of the value it had 6 months ago. I have bought in on $ALO multiple times now and it just keeps dropping. I assumed 30 was it’s bottom but it’s now down around 26. With that in mind, it is close to a 5 year low which was around 23-24 in 2017. I honestly can’t see this dropping much lower, so it will either start trading sideways or climb, in my opinion. I therefore purchased more yesterday on the 9th Feb.

$D7G average down
NelASA, I have seen a few good articles online about buy ratings being improved relating to $D7G, so I figured I will average down on this one as well. It feels like it’s trading sideways almost from when I bought in last, so this addition just helps build up my position if it does start to climb as some investors are thinking.

$MNZS sold
John Menzies took me by complete surprise, I was holding this as a swing but with the way the market is going, I figured it might be a while. Never the less on the news of them turning down being approached by potential buyers the price went through the roof and I pulled out. I took my profit, simple as. Many may hold longer in the hope that it will raise more, but I’d rather secure that profit and run, therefore I did.

I may have other swings going on, but I havent touched them, so I will not venture into anything regarding them. The only thing worth a mention is $CINE and “Whoops” that was a bad judgement by me, the law suite went the other way to what I was hoping. I am a fan of cinemas, so I’ll happily hold this for a while because I think the industry has a good outlook over the next 6-9 months.