Gran Turismo 7 VR – What we know

At the moment only works with Gran Turismo statistics (this will change in the future), but with a release date of sometime in 2022 for Gran Turismo 7, some of us are obviously going to be wondering how this will work with the VR components. I thought it was therefore a good idea to type up an article regarding this and how it will effect our sim racing futures of Gran Turismo.

So far from the research I’ve performed and the released information, there are definite references to PSVR 2.0, but no reference to it’s compatibility with the first version of PSVR 1.0. Now this has me a little bit uncomfortable, because buying a console plus the VR headset cost a good chunk of money and if I have to do it again, I’ll possibly move over to the PC and get a more bespoke setup. So will GT7 be compatible with PSVR1?We will find out in time.

The next question on everyone’s has to be, can they cure the disappointment made when all PlayStation fans sat down with the PSVR, popped in Gran Turismo Sport and hadnt researched it, to realise they can only race against a single car in VR?Come on, this was brutal, I can jump into DriveClub VR and race against 6 or more cars, but only one in Gran Turismo Sport! Well it was dissapointing, but the quality of Gran Turismo Sport really made up for it, so is there any word of multiple car races in GT7? Again, there’s some references to lots of cars, new tracks, refurbished tracks, but nothing on this area of the game. I mean this is the area that defines real research and development, that pushes the boundaries for Gran Turismo in my opinion, but nothing is mentioned yet.

Some assumptions can be made though, the first is that PSVR2 is the next generation of VR by sony, so it will obviously be an improvement on the old. Gran Turismo 7 will work with PSVR 2 in some way, so the virtual reality experience will have improved somehow. The PSVR 2.0, has yet to be released, so I have a funny feeling that with the prediction of it being released in 2022, that GT7 will be the game released alongside it as promotion. This therefore means there will be some very good exposure and demo videos that will hopefully explain a lot of the unanswered questions.

Final note; with the pandemic hitting the entire world equally hard and there being a PS5 shortage, combined with a chip shortage that may last a while, there has been references to GT7 being available on the PS4. This is welcome news for a lot of racers, so watch this space because it may be released for both PS4 & PS5, with PSVR1 and PSVR2 support, who knows!