Debug Review

Debug Overview

I wanted to put this into my list of hacker movies, because the concept of the movie is where a collection of computer felons are forced to do work on abandoned space ships to get them running again for a government body. The ship they’re placed on in this movie however has a twist, it has embedded bioware which uses artificial intelligence to it’s advantage, so they’ve basically been dropped onto a ship that has no crew because the AI has done something with them all. Will they survive or will they be captured by the AI, you’ll have to watch to find out.

Debug Movie Review

Debug Star Role

There’s two main roles in the Debug movie that stand out, the first of course is Jason Momoa who represents the computer AI and to have done this movie, he must have been helping out a friend (likely the director David Hewlett), because the budget and casting comes across a little cheap.

The second star role has to go to the Jeananne Goossen who plays Kaida. Kaida is the most foremiddable computer hacker in the movie, who is capable of competing with the AI and she plays quite a good role.

Positives about Debug

Honestly the idea it’s self is a huge positive, hackers in space! I’m a big scifi fan and obviously work in cyber security, so blending the two together works out really well. The second is the creativity used in some of the scenarios where it’s AI vs human, I quite enjoyed this and the third big positive for me, was that it’s directed by a star of Stargate Atlantis and one of the lead roles is performed by another member of Stargate Atlantis.

Negatives about Debug

Well as previously mentioned, the movie gives off a bit of a ‘low cost’ kind of vibe. This could just be my opinion, so I’d advise watching it and see if you get the same. The other slight negative is that the acting from some of the actors could be a bit better, but who to blame for this is difficult. If the lines are bad, the acting will likely be bad, but the lines could be great and the actor could be terrible, and again all movies have their moments of good and bad. Debug is no different.

Why do I love Debug the movie?

There’s two reasons, the first is the genre of movie. It’s hackers in space, on an abandoned ship! The other reason why I love this movie is because it has a leading role played by a Stargate Atlantis character and the director is another Stargate Atlantis actor. If I was to also be honest, it’s only because I was looking at IMDB for SGA things, that I stumbled across this movie.

Enjoy watching Debug!