Swing Trade Update: $AXAHY $ENR $HMC $WFC

The last week has presented some interesting results, with what feels like a short upswing in the overall market. This has resulted in my $AXAHY, $ENR, $HMC, $WFC all reaching almost 10% in gains, which is where I’d normally pull my money and take the gain. However, I’m curious to see how the market will continue to perform, will these keep going up? They have a lot of room available for gains if they’re to reach earlier year highs.

I am therefore left wondering if I should be selling up to minimise risk, or if I should be holding for higher gains? What would you do in this predicament.

$AXAHY = 9.3%

$ENR = 14.4%

$HMC = 12.5%

$WFC = 8%

Admittedly some of this is based on gains from the forex aswell, so selling could result in bigger losses if buying back in very soon. There is a lot to debate in this weeks market activity for me. I’ll update with what I sell, if I do.