Stock Analysis Pages

I’ve been adding a bunch of stock analysis pages into this website over the last few weeks, which has therefore resulted in my not paying much attention to anything else. Now these started off as pages on my Raspberry PI to begin with and I wanted to share them with the community, hence the section in the navigation on here called “Analysis (Stock Market)”.

The problem I’ve ran into is that the original idea was to develop a single page for this purpose and therefore all I required was a very simple database and table structure. I built this no problem, but it is not scale-able and now I’m finding problems, due to the growth of my ideas and analysis desires.

I am therefore halting my current expansion of the pages and analysis, until I have redesigned the database and table structure, so that I can scale outwards for future growth and development.

I have also developed a small script so that I can perform the triple day analysis across all business working days, rather than just the last three days of the week. This will provide some very valuable data to work with. I will implement this with the new system changes.

The target date for this work to be completed will be the end of January (ideally though, it will be the end of December, because I need to set aside some time for studying for an exam at the start of next year).

The aim will be to have the following pages developed for analysis:

  • Daily S&P 500 performance
  • Daily S&P 500 big drops
  • Daily S&P 500 volatility
  • Daily S&P 500 market average
  • Daily S&P 500 industry performance
  • Triple Day S&P 500 performance
  • Triple Day S&P 500 volatility
  • Triple Day S&P 500 negatives
  • Graph S&P 500 triple negatives
  • Graph S&P 500 daily big drops
  • Graph S&P 500 daily market average (change %)
  • Graph S&P 500 daily bear vs bull
  • Graph S&P 500 triple negatives

More will be developed in time. At the moment these pages are simply what have already been developed, or pick my fancy.

Wish me luck.