Misc Blog Update

Wow, feels like it’s been a while since I updated this. Lifes been busy, not much I can really do about that I guess. I’ve been hitting the skateparks a bit recently, usually about twice a week. Once with my daughter and once with a mate. This has been really good for my mental health, because it’s been providing me an opportunity to escape. However the skate parks in Northumberland and North Tyneside dont have lighting and with the dark nights setting in, it doesnt look like this will continue for long. I started to actually get quite good again, because I can land all the basic flat land tricks which is awesome and I am starting to ride parks better than I ever have done, which is cool. See the image below.

5050 Ledge Alexandra Skatepark Cramlington Skateboarding
5050 Bank Ledge Alexandra Skate Park Cramlington Skateboarding

The stock market is in the crapper and we still have family living with us from Ukraine, so I’ve not been posting about that stuff but hopefully Putin will get what he deserves sooner or later and Russia will be permanently removed from Ukrainian territory. One thing I did note is that I’m getting good returns on US investments due to the GBP falling hard, the FX is giving me returns where I previously wouldnt have had them. I also noticed that FEVR.LSE has had quite a bit of insider trading recently, so I may have to average down on that one.

Aside from the above I’ve also switched jobs, so I am having to invest so much time getting to know the new company and technology that I have to work with. I cant say what company it is, but it’s a very challenging role, and I was hired with two others.