Converting CR2 to jpeg

If you’ve been looking around the internet, for a program that’s been developed so you can simply preview your images, as soon as you download them to your computer. Then most people will know that windows, linux and macs can handle Jpgs reasonably well, but what happens when you come to file extensions like CR2? Well if you photograph in RAW format, you will have the horrible experience of having to open every photograph with a program like Photoshop, even if you don’t wish to edit, but just simply see what the image holds.

One of the best programs I’ve discovered for converting and displaying CR2 images, with a good sized thumbnail, and a batch file converter has to be “Fast Stone ImageViewer”, which coincidentally is free. Fast Stone, allows for you to open your folder, inside of it’s viewer, then select which files you’d like to see further, and convert them all together into another format, or simply view them within a slideshow. CR2 file formats to JPEGs and thumb previews are made simple with Fast Stone. Try it.